About Me

Hi! I’m Phil Bennett.

I’m an Engineering Manager at Klarna who still (just about) maintains the ability to fire up a coding environment and create a pull request.

I don’t have any fancy titles, and I don’t have a list of big-name companies with ‘ex’ in front of them on my twitter profile. I have a GitHub full of side hustles that will never see the light of day — ranging from an Artificial Intelligence chatbot game to a website that bothered people into voting in the recent UK General elections.

What I do have is nearly 20 years of experience in what I see as the most complicated part of Software Engineering; dealing with people.

It’s tough to find guidance on being a middle manager in software development. It’s not sexy. No one writes books about it. So I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions in a raw format and maybe see if I can wrangle them into some cohesive articles.

If you have anything, you want to feedback about the content of this blog, or have anything else you want to talk to be about, the best way to contact me on twitter @phil_bennett