How to Prep The Slides for an Online LDJ.

As outlined in this article, Online Lightning Decisions Jams are awesome, but they take a little preparation. This article will try and guide you through the steps needed for an awesome Online LDJ. 

Tools I Love: The Online Lightning Decision Jam
I love online Lightning Decision Jams as a way to make collective decision-making easier for remote teams.

1. Read the Offline LDJ Guide. 

Firstly, read the original LDJ guide by AJ & Smart. 

2. Find a Good Online White Boarding Tool

Not all whiteboarding tools are made equal. I would recommend miro. You will also need a timer that the whole team can see. 

3. Create The Boards. 

In your tool of choice, create all the boards needed for the LDJ Process. 

Individuals Working Space

You will need to create a space for each individual to work. This allows the team to create their post its, unhindered by what others are doing. 

Place two different post-it colours, one for the problems and one for solutions. Personalise the area for that person and add their name and a picture of them. 

What’s Working, What’s Not. 

Create a space where people can add their ideas on what’s working and what’s not. Place the step guides in the top left-hand corner so you all can easily recall the process, draw in a boat of your choosing. 

Also, add the voting dots, three for each team member. 

How Might We’s 

Again add the step guidance in the top left-hand corner and six voting dots for each member. Add one big yellow post it for the ‘How Might We’s’ you can use as a template. 

Impact Vs. Effort

Prepare a simple impact vs. effort graph that you can use to prioritise your chosen solutions. Put effort one axis and impact on the other. Label the quadrants bin it, do it, project, and task. 

Next Steps

The next board is where you drag the chosen solutions and define the next steps. Leave a space for the post-its, add an area for you to write down the action points. Also, add markers that represent individual team members so you can assign them to the task. 

4. Enjoy

The process requires a ton of energy, so make it fun, keep it upbeat and light. Most importantly, enjoy the process.