So today, I outlined the manifesto that I want to try and lead my teams by. In this post, I committed to rating myself every month on these criteria in a scorecard. 

So here is my scorecard for October 2019. 

1. Push People, a little. Then some more. 

I have been focusing this month on the corporate performance enablement program, doing some training to understand what we believe in as a company. I feel development plans are super important, but previous experience of structured company-level programs have typically left me feeling cold. However, this one is relatively flexible and I’m excited to start working on this with the team properly. 

Score: 7/10

2. Create an environment of safety.

This feels like it’s flowing nicely, the team are getting stuff delivered within the team scope and comfort zone, but people are really starting to try things that I think show they are poking their toes outside their comfort zone, without much fear. Excited about that. 

Score 8/10

3. Manage your relationships.

Some areas for improvement here, finding my feet in a new company is never easy, and I’m beginning to find my position within the culture. But the culture isn’t marketing based, so I really need to check myself on the ‘oversell’. 

Score: 5/10

4. Get great at giving feedback. 

The team over has been overachieving on this, we’re developing a great culture of 360 feedback, but generating this feedback is becoming overwhelming so we need to work on how we can keep this level up without killing productivity.

Score 7/10

5. Manage expectations.

This is something that I think has been solid over the last couple of month, no hiccups here. I have another couple of points on the manifesto that I really need to focus on till the end of the year, then I will review this point at the start of 2020.

Score 8/10

6. Your team will be mimic you, lead by example.

I feel I can hold my head up high with how I’ve approached my first 5 months in my new roles. But I’ve got to be careful, I’ve done a lot of talking, and now I need to follow that up with some actions. 

Score: 7/10

7. Arseholes are arseholes, however talented they are.

No arseholes have appeared, but feel that part of that is that everyone around is feeling happy and comfortable. So going give myself a five because I think this is due to the team culture that we have been developing over the last few months. 

Score 5/10

8. Consider your biases.

I feel I made a relatively large assumption around someone behaviour a few months ago purely based on my biases, and that doesn’t feel good. However, after being challenged on this, I adjusted the way I was dealing with this. As a result, we’re getting much better results. So six and improving!

Score 6/10

9. Balance your team.

I have made no progress on this or efforts in this area since starting my new roles. Tried to get involved with some ‘culture’ and ‘outreach’ groups but they agendas and remits of this groups really turned me off so will need to think about how I make an impact in this area in a different way. 

Score 0/10

Total Score: 53/90 Must try harder.